» Lucas and Mona


When I was watching the Fatale finale, it really pained me to see Lucas’ face. They kind of reminded me of Bellatrix and Voldemort. Lucas was the only one who stuck by her, until the end. He was her last great lieutenant. Maybe she was crazy, but he was loyal. Can somebody just give that boy a hug?



 there were definitely not enough vandermarin scenes before Mona died.


Fields-Dilaurentis family :333 Ali with son Tommy and Em with daughter Demi :)

What's the relationship between Emily and Allison? I don't watch the show, and the gifs I see on Tumblr never make sense. Also I thought Allison was a bad person? Like what is the lie? I don't get anything..


Weeell if I try to explain it to you, you’d probably end up being even more confused and if I start talking about Emily and Alison, I’m afraid there ain’t no stopping…Uhmmm they have a really dynamic, interesting and thrilling relationship. They are the only two characters that are completely opposite from one another and yet they bring out the best of each other..So you should like watch only their story cz it’s really twisted.They are twisted, they literally never had something stabled and so called ‘healthy’

But above all that;

Caring and crazily protective
There’s jealousy of couuuurse.

Desperate for one another
Lust ,Love and Desire;

They don’t necessarily need words to communicate, IT JUST TAKES A LOOK;

See now my feelings took over and I can’t stop, it’s just that I can’t really entirely explain them because they are so tragically beautiful, imma cry

Emily + looking at Ali  [x]

Alison Dilaurentis + wink 




We see what you did there Marlene…wink*